Yoga: My journey


I learned about Yoga thanks to an ex-colleague who was training for Yoga Instructor. Her stories were so impressive and I wanted to know more about yoga, I wanted to have the experience she was talking about and I wanted to become flexible(r).
So in October 2014 I went to my first yoga class. It was a wonderful experience and I felt revived. I went back for a second yoga class, but the lesson was exactly the same as the week before and the guy kept talking during moments of silence. I thought it was annoying, ofcourse you need to guide your yogis into the poses, but once I’m in the pose I want to “feel” the pose with my body and mind and I want all of my focus on my practice. After this class I felt something inside, I felt excitement: “This is my passion!” And indeed, it has become my passion, a new lifestyle.
After those two yoga classes, I didn’t want to go back to that class so I started practicing on my own. Problem was me being impatient with myself. I tried the advanced poses because they looked easy, believe me, they’re not! I know I should’ve been more patient with myself, but I didn’t know any better then. 
I kept on practicing, because it made me feel good. What I didn’t understood was that yoga is a daily practice, not a once-a-week practice.

In August 2015 I had a ‘dark period’ which was really heavy to me. I was in a depression and burn-out, I didn’t have the energy to work out or to practice yoga. I ate lots of bad things and I let myself go. My motivation was literally gone.
In February 2016 I turned my positivity-switch on as life was getting brighter. I accepted the fact that I was only a beginner yogi and I started practicing with YouTube-yogis such as Kinoyoga, Erica Vetra and Adriene. They taught me yoga in a way I could understand. Their workout videos challenged me every single time and I became more flexible. These women became my role models, my motivation and my inspiration – and they still are!
I guess I had to go through that dark period to reset myself and to learn the true meaning of yoga. Since February, life has become more and more brighter. I learned to love myself and to accept my body, I learned to control my eating disorder (boulimia) and I became a different person: a better version of myself.

I feel more open for new experiences or new people, I kinda love my body,  I can talk about my feelings but it’s not always that easy, I’ve learned to accept certain things and I’ve let “unimportant” things go. I really feel the positive effect yoga has on my mind and body, and last but not least: I’m flexiber than I ever.
I really look forward to my yogapractice and I’m currently studying to become a Yoga Instructor.
Why? I want to inspire other people and I want to guide them through their yogajourney.  I think everyone deserves a chance of happiness, as long as they open up for new life experiences.
I would recommend yoga to everyone!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this story.

Namaste! ?

Debby ♥



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