My Christmas wishlist

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Christmas is one of the most amazing holidays of the year. I love the joy of X-mas: Christmas decorations, putting up the Christmastree, sharing gifts with your beloved ones,.. It would be even more perfect if it is a “white Christmas” this year.

This time of the year everyone is sharing their Christmas wishlist so I was thinking: “Why not share mine?”



The Blogilates Mermaid legging from POPFLEX, I just love it! It’s on my wishlist since more than 6 months now.

Another yogalegging from the new Blogilates collection. I honestly think I wear more sports- / yogawear than regular clothes.

If it would be possible, I would buy all the POPFLEX items ?.


This ‘Fairytale Long Sleeve in Snow‘ is from the new collection from POPFLEX.
I just love everything about this top as it looks great for a workout on cold days. I don’t really like to wear ‘too much’ clothes while working out, that’s why this one would be perfect.


Yup, another legging…
I just love the Yogawear from Bebillie.
This legging is my second favourite yogapants of their collection.


Rituals is truly thé perfect all-time gift. I can’t get enough of their products as they smell so good.
This one is my favourite, but I also like the other scents.

MAC Angel.png

Because you can never have something like “too much” lipstick. MAC Cosmetics is one of my favourite make-up brands.



My all-time favourite Michael Kors watch!
I have this one in gold, but I really like this one too. Rose gold has become my favourite colour instead of silver/ gold. Don’t get me wrong, I love silver and gold, but rose gold has something ‘special’. This one is on my wishlist for like a year now. But I’m waiting until I find another brand with a beautiful rose gold watch that I like.



The Getfitjournal from Sophiagetfit.
I know her personally and I think it’s amazing that she created her own journal.
This journal helps you to reach your goal whether you want to lose weight or to gain weight.



The Blogilates yogamat.
This is just the perfect yogamat as the colours are dark and special. I would really enjoy doing my Blogilates- or yogaworkout on this beauty.
To me, the new Blogilates collection is way too beautiful. I like those dark colours!



And last, but not least:
Lots of Caramel Seasalt chocolate from Tonyschocolonely. This one is my favourite flavour. I prefer this chocolate over Côte d’Or (I know, shame on me!) ?.

What would you like to have for Christmas? Leave a comment below 🙂 .

Debby ♥

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