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Review: Guided Meditations by Aubrey Renee

Hi everyone,

In May I participated in a Yogachallenge on Instagram: #MayYouStart. Thanks to this challenge, I won three guided meditations from Aubrey Renee.

As you all know, I practice yoga almost every day, but to be honest I never take the time to just sit down and meditate. These guided meditations where something “new” and exciting for me.

In this blogpost I am sharing my experience with these meditations.

Who is Aubrey? 

Aubrey is a Restricted Yoga Teacher/ movement maker. She lives to advocate for living loud, loving gently, and taking up space. She is passionate about teaching women to know themselves deeply and to guide them back to their own embrace. Aubrey is a woman that believes in many things like taking care of your body and soul, reading daily, speaking dreams and holding others up. Her teaching is inspired by strong women, constant learning and personal life transformation through yoga and meditation.

Her Guided Meditations encourages you to feel deeply, to accept yourself and to let go of the negative things. Her goal is to inspire women and to change their life through the power meditation. 

1) Stay Open Meditation


I listened to this 10 min. Guided Meditation right before bedtime. I felt like I needed to relax and this seemed like the perfect time to do it. All you need is a blanket and a pillow.

Aubrey takes you to a place on top of a mountain, you’re sitting in the grass. You’re surrounded by other mountains, a blue sky and lots of sunshine. She invites you to enjoy the view and to lay down into the grass. She makes you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, which feels good.

Aubrey’s voice is soft and kind and brings you inner peace. Her voice guides you through the meditation and at a certain point she asks you to pay attention on your breathing. With controling your breathing, you can totally relax. At one point, her voice felt like a vibration in my body. That feeling felt nice!

My mind was like a chaos before I started this meditation. After finishing it, I felt like my mind was clear and relaxed. My body felt relaxed too.

After the meditation ended, I felt asleep right away.

The ‘Stay Open’ meditation can also be listened to after waking up, it’s a good way to start your day in a relaxed way. 

2) Magic Maker Meditation


In this guided meditation, Aubrey asks you to lay down in a Corpse Pose. You’re free to use a blanket and a pillow.
She asks you to relax your mind and body, to focus on your breathing. She makes you feel worthy, because that is exactly what you are: worthy!

Aubrey’s voice is soft and very relaxing. I felt a vibration in my body (especially in my spine) every time she started talking. This feeling was weird at first, but it helped me to relax even more.

 This ‘Magic Maker’ meditation can be listened to in the morning or in the evening. I listened to it before I went to sleep.

3) Stay Soft Meditation


In this guided mediation, Aubrey guides you trough a feeling of softness.

For this meditation you are lying down, feel free to use a blanket and pillow.
Aubrey asks you to close your eyes and to imagine you are crawling into the bed of your dreams. She makes you relax and surrender to gravity. Your body becomes heavy while you’re focusing on your inhales and exhales. The breathing makes you sink deeper in the bed. 

After a while, Aubrey asks you to focus on the bodyparts that contain lots of tension (it’s kinda like a bodyscan). The meditation is ending with smoothing out your inhales and exhales, a breathing that makes you softer, while your body starts to feel heavier with every exhale. 
At the end of the meditation, she asks you to keep this feeling of softness, to become aware of the sensations and to adjust your breathing if necessary. 

This meditation is about seeing “the magic you are made of” and letting go. 

The ‘Stay Soft’ meditation can be listened to in the morning, but also before bedtime. I’ve listened to the meditation before bedtime and I fell asleep right after it. 

My experience:

To be honest, I am really happy I’ve won these guided meditations. It was a wonderful experience to listen to a Guided Meditation. It’s not the first time I’ve had a guided meditation, because I go to yogaclass on Saturdays (unless I am replacing my Yoga Instructor), the class always ends with a 10 min. guided meditation in Corpse Pose. But it was the first time I followed a guided meditation on my own. I never take time to meditate when I’m at home, so this was a nice opportunity to change that. When I received the guided meditations, I was kinda excited as I had no idea what to expect.
The meditation is spoken in English, but I had no trouble following it. As I said before, Aubrey’s voice is friendly, soft and bright, she has thé perfect voice for guided meditations. 

All of the above mentioned meditations brought me into a state of relaxation and peace. My mind never stops thinking, even when I go to sleep, but this all changed with the meditations as I fell asleep right after listening to them. I am definitely going to listen to these meditations more often as they help me to have a good night sleep. When I wake up the morning after, I feel energized and less grumpy than on other days (I am no morning person ?!). 
I would recommend these meditations to everyone who is looking for a nice Guided Meditation.

I really think Aubrey is a wonderful, amazing and kind person! I would love to meet her one day, her way of life is inspiring to me and to many other women! 

Thank you Aubrey for this amazing expierence! And thank you lovely Hosts from #MayYouStart for choosing me as a winner ♥️.


Debby ♥

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