Why Instagram took down my content

Why Instagram took down my photos

Hi everyone! First of all I would like to announce that from now on I will be writing blogposts in English. Why? Because most of my followers and visitors are mostly English speaking. And since Google Translate is making a mess of the translations, I don’t think it must have been a nice experience to read my blogposts when not understanding what they’re about. 

Second I would like to confirm that I have succesful recovered my Instagram Account! Remember how I wrote that Instagram took down my content? It was an awful experience which fortunately only lasted for 2 days. 

Why Instagram took down my photos

Why Instagram took down my content..

..is a good question which will probably never be answered. I assume it has something to do with the change of their privacy policy, but others think they are checking for false engagement. Lots of Instagrammers are buying their likes and/ or comments, which is against the Instagram Policy. But if this is really the reason is a “secret we will never know”.

Instagram takes down a randomly amount of the content.. from recent to old posts. 

What happened before I lost my content?

I was busy scrolling on Instagram when an in app phone verification message popped up on my screen. It asked me if “this phone number is still up to date?”. At first I thought it must have been a bug from Instagram, so I clicked the message away. When trying to engage with my followers, the message kept coming back. This meant I had no choice but to confirm my phone number and to insert the received verification-code.

When I went back on my account, I saw there were parts of my Highlights and over 300 posts missing. That is like 90% of my account! “Where did they go and what did I do wrong?” where some of the thoughts popping up in my head. At first I thought someone hacked into my account, but couldn’t remember receiving a notification about a strange log-in attempt. So this must’ve been done by Instagram itself. But why would they do this to their users?

Reporting the problem

I tried to report the problem multiple times via Instagram and my Facebook Page, but without any luck. I remember something similar happened to my Facebook Page (I had temporary lost all acces to my own Business Page for 3 days and got it back without receiving any explanation from Facebook itself) and hoped this would be ta similar story and that my Instagram posts would come back.

I wasn’t the only one

I wrote a message in my IG Stories to notify my followers about what happened on my account, which resulted in me receiving lots of replies from Instagrammers with the same issue. They all had recevied the in app phone verification message and lost their content (both Posts and Stories/ Highlights) after confirming.

Some of them could tell me that their account was recovered after 2 days to 2 weeks. This gave me more hope.


Have you ever heard of a shadowban? Some Instagram users says it’s a lie, but others (like me) believe it’s true. I have experienced it way too many times to know that it is no lie and that it really affects your engagement and reach.

Same with this story.. Once you recover your posts, Instagram will shadowban your account for 2 weeks. No one knows why and how to fix it. Unfortunately this will result in your hashtags not showing in the search feed and a huge drop in your reach.

Does this mean you can’t post during 2 weeks? NO! You can’t let Instagram win and show them your defeat. You must stay strong and bite into the sour apple. Engage as much as you can with your followers and try to discover and to connect with new accounts.

And if you’ve lost he courage to be active on Instagram, take this opportunity to take a break from Social Media.

How I feel about Instagram

As an Instagram addict, I must admit that I am very dissapointed in Instagram and the way it treats their users. To me it feels like they don’t really care about us and just do whatever they feel like doing. They are Instagram (= Facebook), they don’t need to explain themselves.. Right?

No! As a user of their services, I am not satisfied with their shady way of working. It is one thing to constantly change the algorithm and app lay-outs, but removing content or an account without any explanation?? And punishing us afterwards with a shadowban for something they did? Ahh! That I just can’t understand or accept.

At this point I have lost my trust and faith in Facebook. Does this means I will stop using their services? No, because I have followers and Instafriends who follow me for ME and I don’t feel like letting them down. Instagram has connected me with so many amazing and wonderful people and brought me some lovely experiences (f.e. hosting giveaways and yoga challenges, meeting up with bloggers on events, discovering new brands, meeting people with the same interests, etc.). I wouldn’t want to say goodbye to that just because Facebook has no care for their users.

What to do when Instagram removes your content?

  • There is not much you can do, besides being sad and wanting to eat Facebook for breakfast.. At first I didn’t dare to post since I thought Instagram would remove those posts as well, but then again I didn’t want them to win this game. I decided to continue posting and told one of my Instafriends (who was in the same situation like me) we just had to try to post and see what it would give. Our posts stayed on our feed, which was a huge relief for the both of us! So if you feel like posting, just do it!
  • Don’t get upset about it, because you have to keep faith in your posts coming back. Talk to Instagrammers who have experienced/ are experiencing the same situation. Having each other’s back will help you through those few days of stress and (some) anger. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my boyfriend and (Insta)friends.
  • You can try to report the problem via your app Settings, but don’t expect a reply back.
  • Notify your followers via your Stories or a new post. This way they are aware of what Instagram is doing with your account and why some of your posts are missing.

But what if Instagram also deletes my account?

Yes, you have read that right. Instagram also deletes some Instagrammer’s accounts after confirming the phone verification message. Suddenly their account was gone and can’t be found in the Search feed. I can only imagine how scary this must be!

I’ve heard that most users got their account fully recovered after 30 minutes. In some cases posts were missing as well, in others it didn’t.

Unfortunately this also results in a shadowban on your account.

I hope this blogpost gave you the information you need and also pray for for your account to be fully recovered soon!

Have you ever experienced this or something similar? Let me know in the comments below.

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