2020, Our Year

2020 - Our Year

2020, OUR YEAR ! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! May all of your dreams come true and may you find joy and love! I hope you did enjoy the Holidays and had some lovely moments with friends and family. 

We have entered a new decade. It is 2020, wow! I can’t believe how fast time is going! I mean, how did we get here?! This year I will celebrate my 28th birthday, my 9th year relationship anniversary with Mr. Boyfriend, the 6th and 8th birthday of my cats, my 3th year of teaching Yoga and Pilates, and last but not least, my 4th Blogiversary. Damn, that is actually a lot to be proud of!

To be honest 2019 wasn’t quite my year. Lots of bad and stressful things happened, which resulted in negative effects on my body. I had to remove many toxic people out of my life and cut ties with certain family members. Until this day, my body is still suffering from all the caused stress, combined with unresolved past-stress. I won’t say I’m “burning out“, because I still have plenty of energy left, but my body and mind are screaming for a break.

2019 didn’t only bring me negative things, because there were several highlights, such as: hosting my first Yoga event, having many and sportive hours with wonderful people, growing closer with Mr. Boyfriend, making a new friend, finding a new job and last, but not least, seeing Backstreet Boys live in concert – a childhood dream coming true!


2020 – Our Year

Somehow I feel like this year will bring many good things. It’s a feeling I have that I can’t really describe. It’s like a combination of excitement, love and fear. And it also is time to finally choose me and to put me first. I will start to listen to my inner guts more and do what feels right. Chasing my dreams and creating future memories with my beloved ones.

And that, my dear friends, is exactly what YOU also need to do! Put yourself first, listen to your needs and let go of your fears! This life is your creation, so make the best of it. Fulfill your wishes and dare to chase your dreams. Let go of what no longer serves you and find joy in every moment. Don’t try to change yourself for anyone ànd don’t even think about making someone love youIf one can’t see how amazing you are, they don’t deserve you. End of story.. With other words: “Be your amazing self and share your sparkles with the world!” 

A journey to self love

Make this year your journey to self love. Know your worth and love every piece of your beautiful self!

Check out my Podcast Interview about selflove

This all may sound very floaty, but I do believe that your life will become brighter and better once you start to love yourself and live your life the fullest.

2020 - Our Year

My New Year’s Resolutions

Actually, I don’t do New Year’s Revolutions, because most of them will be forgotten about as the year passes by. Right? Okay okay, I will make an exception for you and give a little list of what I’d like to do more in 2020. Are you ready? Here we go :

  1. More blogging – I have been lacking on my blog in the past year and would like to change that by posting more often/ on a regularly base.
  2. Yoga events – I would like to host more Yoga events, or participate in them, because I enjoy being able to share my passion for Yoga with the world.
  3. Travel – It’s been 3 years since my travel to Malaga. Yup, 3 freaking years! Can you believe that?! Mr. Boyfriend and I are in need of a vacation and hope to make it work this year.
  4. Listen to my body’s needs – This year I am going to listen more to the signals given by my body. I won’t let negative people take away my joy and positive vibes, nor won’t I allow my body to suffer from it. I will follow my heart and inner guts more instead of listening to my (stubborn) brain.

What will 2020 bring you? And what are your dreams or resolutions for the new year? Let me know in the comments below 😊

Liefs, Debby

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