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I have something exciting to announce, because I finally launched Zen With Debby, my YouTube Channel for Yoga videos. Ahhhh! 

I’ve been following Yoga YouTube videos for 5,5 years now and have been teaching my own classes since the end of 2015. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my own YouTube Channel where I could share my yoga videos with the world. So far it only stayed with wondering. But then COVID-19 happened and I was unable to teach both my private- and group classes due to the lockdown. Suddenly I was unable to share my passion with the world and this felt awful! It did make me feel super depressed, because I absolutely love teaching!

“What about online classes?”

One of my closest Instafriends suggested to try out online live classes.  Unfortunately I was unable to do offer a service like that as my appartement is kinda small. I discussed it with Mr. Boyfriend and he came up with the idea of making YouTube videos. I liked this idea and did several attempts on filming a yoga class with my Nikon D3400 camera, but those were a failure. My camera has problems with focussing while filming and can only film short videos. So I tried a third time and filmed my practice with my iPhone.  The result came out badly, which made me feel so disappointed and sad. They say “Third time is a charm.”, but at this point it felt far from true.

Zen with Debby

Fourth time is a charm

Mr. Boyfriend suggested to help me out by taking care of the camera while I was doing the Yoga practice. In order for this to happen, we had to move lots of furniture around to create space. I also bought a Light ring Tripod so it could hold my phone while filming. Once my set up was ready, I stept on the mat and started with my first online yoga class. The result came out just how I wanted and I could feel a heavy burden fall off my shoulders. I finally did it! Gosh, this was such a relief!


The next step was creating a VoiceOver with iMovies as I decided not to speak in the video itself. I did try this, but it caused too much stress. Doing a VoiceOver gives you the chance to change or adapt anything you want.

Creating a VoiceOver took the most of work and time. I had to pay attention to my choice of words, the timing and giving all the information that’s needed to safely follow my yoga class. It took me several hours, but I did it! I was happy with the result and felt ready to share my online yoga class with the world.

Zen With Debby’s first video

I already had a YouTube Channel – Debbythechocoholic – which I used to subscribe to my favorite YouTubers, or to post comments and give likes. Somehow I felt like this name wasn’t suitable for a Yoga channel. As I already call my future yoga business “Zen with Debby”, I felt like this would be the perfect name for my YouTube Channel. So I changed the channel name to Zen with Debby and created a logo by using Canva.

My first online Yoga class on YouTube was launched on April 30th. Once the video was uploaded on the channel, I felt such an exciting and happy feeling on the inside. I REALLY DID THIS! *Happy dancing was happening.* 

How do I feel after sharing my first video?

I feel amazing! I am so grateful to anyone who supported me and never stopped believing in me. I could not have done this without my beloved Mr. Boyfriend. When I felt like giving up, he pushed me to not give up yet. And I am so glad he did this!
I am also very thankful for the support of my (virtual) friends. It’s wonderful to see how many people believe in you and your dreams.

My beloved ones and my Instagram Yoga friends were very happy to hear about the launch of Zen with Debby. Many of them went to YouTube to follow my video and shared their opinions afterwards. I honestly didn’t expect the feedback to be thàt good!

Even my friends and yoga students are following Zen with Debby

One of my yoga students of my group classes saw my announcement about Zen with Debby on Facebook and decided to roll out her yoga mat and follow my video. She sent me a text message afterwards to congratulate me with my channel, to tell me how she loved the video and how much she misses my classes.

And my best friend, who never uses YouTube for her yoga practices, followed my online yoga class as well and said she loved it! She had to get used to the fact that I’m teaching in English instead of Dutch, but loved seeing my face and following my video.


I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful and supportive people in my life. I never expected so much positive and exciting reactions.

And now my international friends can join my classes as well. Isn’t that just amazing?!

I hope that Zen with Debby can bring peace and joy to many many people! My goal is to guide everyone (from beginner to advanced yogis) in their Yoga journey, and to bring peace to their minds, bodies and souls.

Are you going to follow Zen with Debby on YouTube? Please let me know if you did! I would love to hear your feedback and opinion 😊


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