The reality behind Influencers

Hi guys! Today I am sharing with you the reality behind Influencers. I am an Influencer myself, but recently decided to take more distance from this world. Especially after learning about the reality behind influencers and the big numbers. I am shocked and sad at the same time and decided to share the truth with […]

Why Instagram took down my content

Hi everyone! First of all I would like to announce that from now on I will be writing blogposts in English. Why? Because most of my followers and visitors are mostly English speaking. And since Google Translate is making a mess of the translations, I don’t think it must have been a nice experience to […]

Achter de schermen van Instagram: wat niemand je vertelt

Vandaag ga ik heel eerlijk zijn met jullie en ga ik het hebben over wat er achter de schermen van Instagram gebeurd. Instagram is de dag van vandaag bijna onmisbaar en de meesten hebben de app ook standaard openstaan op hun smartphone. Als blogger is dit sociale media platform dan ook handig om jezelf en […]