Yoga for Think Pink

Yoga for Think Pink - Warrior II

Last week “Yoga for Think Pink” took place from June 15th to 21st. This is a free online Yoga festival organized by Think Pink, Decathlon and They invited me to be a part of this online festival and to teach an online class for a good cause. I honestly could not believe my eyes when receiving an email where they asked me to be one of their online instructors. Everything within me screamed “YESSSSS!” and I felt super excited as this is a big deal in my yoga journey. 

Yoga for Think Pink

The purpose of this online yoga festival was to raise money to support yoga projects for breast cancer patients in breast clinics. This means the online classes were for free, but you could offer a donation to Think Pink through a shared link after each class.

There were 55 yoga instructors from all over Belgium and a total of 40 yoga classes. Everyone could join, from beginner to advanced yogis.

Yoga for Think Pink - Deborah Standaert

International Yoga Day

My Vinyasa Yoga class was scheduled on International Yoga Day, on June 21st, and I could close the festival. That was a real honor to me! It meant that I could teach one hour of Vinyasa Yoga, followed by replying to questions from the participants.

I really looked forward to this moment, but had a lot of stress. Especially a few hours before I had to teach 😅. So at 7 pm. I started my first online live class. The stress was still present, but I enjoyed how many people were joining me from their homes, including some of my friends. I made sure everyone could follow along by giving options and ended with a relaxing moment of Savasana aka. Corpse Pose.

The hour flew by so fast and it felt amazing to receive great feedback from the participants, such as “wonderful flow, yoga high, a spicy but relaxing flow, etc.”.

And after teaching my online class, I donated to Think Pink as well. I wanted to support this good cause by giving my full 100%.

Yoga for Think Pink - Warrior II

Behind the scenes

My boyfriend supported me by helping me setting up the yoga space, making sure ZOOM was working properly and also by taking some ‘behind the scenes’ shots.

And my cats stole the show by sitting in front of the camera and by joining me on the mat. Those who follow my YouTube videos and Instagram account know what I am talking about.

The donations to Think Pink

Think Pink promised to share the proceeds of the donations with us. Right now they have raised 4.055 € in total. It is beautiful to see how many people gave money to this good cause for yoga projects at breast cancer clinics.

If you’d like to donate to Think Pink, please click on the following link: Think Pink – Make a donation

Thank you!

I would like to thank Think Pink, Decathlon and for including me in this successful online event and for giving me the opportunity to share my passion and love for yoga with other Belgian yogis. I am so grateful for this experience and hope to be a part of their festival in 2021. Connecting people through Yoga is one of the best feelings in the world! And being able to share your passion with other people is a true blessing.

So again, THANK YOU so so much!

Namasté 🙏

Liefs, Debby

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