Certified Yoga Instructor

Afgelopen week was heel speciaal voor mij en er gebeurden zoveel positieve dingen. Dat had natuurlijk een positief effect op mijn humeur. Ik liep rond met een brede glimlach, zeker toen ik donderdag het nieuws vernam dat ik geslaagd was voor mijn examen Yoga Instructor. Ik mag mezelf officieel een Certified Yoga Instructor noemen!! Je… Read More Certified Yoga Instructor

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GDUTCH – Review

Hi guys! Today I am sharing a review about a new Dutch company that sells activewear: GDUTCH. I was really excited when the founder, Gideon Luitwieler, reached out to me for a collaboration. Why? Well, because first of all, out of al fit Dutchies and -Belgians, he reached out to me. Second of all, I… Read More GDUTCH – Review


Apple Cupcakes

Apple cupcakes are the perfect guilty pleasure during grey and cold Autumn days. I love how your kitchen and living room get filled with a heavenly smell during the baking process and how delicious these apple cupcakes taste. Are you ready to get comfy under a blanket with a hot cup of tea or coffee… Read More Apple Cupcakes


Butternut Soup

Last week I made a delicious, tasteful and easy-to-make Butternut Soup. Yes, pumpkin season is back in town and I am ready for it! Although I am not ready for cold, wet and dark days, a delicious cup of soup makes it a lot better.  So last week I went to buy a butternut, but… Read More Butternut Soup

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Pranamat vs. AjnaMat

In the last few weeks I’ve been sharing two different reviews about Pranamat ECO and Ajnamat. They both offered me one of their heavenly Organic Acupressure/ Therapeutic Massage Mats and that’s why I decided to share a comparison of Pranamat vs. Ajnamat. Why would you invest in something like Pranamat ECO or Ajnamat? I’ve always… Read More Pranamat vs. AjnaMat


Review: Pranamat ECO

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing an article regarding BACK PAIN, sore muscles and Pranamat ECO massage sets! Do you suffer from sore muscles or back pain/ -injuries, or do you know someone who does? We all know how annoying a sore back and muscles can be, but imagine this pain being chronical. Every little… Read More Review: Pranamat ECO