Welcome to my world of yoga and chocolate

Zen With Debby - King Pigeon

“Yoga is my passion, chocolate is my addiction and the world is my playground.” – Deborah Standaert

Yoga allows you to let go of negativity, stress and anything that no longer serves you. It’s a moment of me-time where you can take the time to unwind after a stressful week and go deeper within. Connect with your body, mind and soul and experience the wonderful benefits of Yoga while learning how to be patient with yourself and your wonderful body.

You don’t have to be flexible or experienced to start with Yoga. Each person will experience their journey in a different way and there are so many options of poses to make sure you can follow along at your own paste and level.

Zen With Debby

Deborah Standaert is a passionated yogi from Belgium. She teaches several private- and groups classes of Vinyasa Yoga in her area and loves how she can guide other people through their journey of inner peace. Her classes are available for everyone, all yoga levels and all types of bodies. Her classes are also available on YouTube, which means you can follow along with Zen With Debby from your living room.


Debbythechocoholic is Deborah’s blogger name as she is a huge chocolate lover (what else can you expect when living in Belgium?). She founded her Instagram account in 2016, a platform where she shared her daily breakfasts and yummy guilty pleasure, mostly with chocolate as main ingredient. Her blogname came from a mix between her nickname ‘Debby’ and being a chocoholic. In november 2016 she created her website as many of her followers wanted her to share more recipes.

Over the years she has worked with several chocolate brands such as Godiva, Aubrion Chocolates, Côte d’Or, ChoFleur, Way To Go by Lidl, Deli Cata by Alberth Heijn & Delhaize, Chocoladebezorgd.nl, Chokay, Libeert and Inca’cao. 

About Deborah

Deborah Standaert
Deborah Standaert is a Belgian Yoga- and POP Pilates instructor, entrepreneur and blogger from Meise, Belgium. Her mission is to bring inner peace and a feeling of relaxation to yoga lovers from across the world.

She started her YouTube Channel, Zen With Debby, during lockdown in 2020. And she is planning on starting her own online Yoga platform to guide yogis in their yoga journey.

Deborah also loves to cook and bake yummy recipes and has to eat her daily piece of chocoholic.