Review: Ajnamat Organic Accupressure Mat

Ajnamat Organic Acupressure Mat

Hi everyone! Today I am introducing you to Ajnamat Organic Accupressure Mat. Ever since I discovered acupressure mats on Instagram, I fell in love with them and dreamed of owning one. I never thought of buying it, because I had no idea if it was really for me. 

During the organisation of my Summer Yoga Challenge #SummerVibingYogis2, one of my co-hosts reached out to Ajnawellbeing on Instagram regarding sponsoring our challenge. They agreed and offered each host an Ajnamat Organic Accupressure Mat. We could choose our favorite colour (we all chose pink, hehe) and were very excited for it to arrive. None of us had ever tried a mat like this, so we couldn’t wait to try them out! 

Ajnmat Organic Acupressure Mat

Ajnamat Organic Acupressure Mat

Ajnamat is created by two sisters with a mutual passion. Their interests in this passion stems from different roots, but their goal is the same: producing beautiful and exceptional quality products that would enrich people’s lives by focusing on our greatest asset: our health.

What it promises:

Ajnamat aims to restore health and balance to your body, bringing with it a sense of calm and wellbeing. Each mat has over 5000 specially designed spikes that activate the body’s natural healing response, relieve tension and unblock stagnant energy pathways.


  • Relief from muscle tension and pain
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved mood as the mat stimulates endorphins
  • Increase in blood circulation, this is said to help elliminate cullulite
  • Reinvigorates your body

How to use Ajnamat:

  • Before bed to induce and promote a more restful sleep
  • At the office: try sitting or standing on Ajnamat while you work
  • For any sport related aches and pains to promote circulation to tired legs
  • To take your meditation to a whole new level
  • Find gentle stimulation and release in various yoga asanas (poses)
  • While reading, holding your baby, watching the stars, taking in some sun, etc…

Perfect for:

  • Headache relief
  • Boost circulation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Lower backpain
  • Lose weight
  • Relieve arthiritis
  • Muscle recovery
  • Insomnia benefit
  • Relieve neckpain

**More information about these topics, click here.

My opinion about Ajnamat Organic Acupressure Mat:

Ajnamat Organic Acupressure Mat

As mentioned above, I was very excited for my Ajnamat Organic Acupressure Mat to arrive. It took a few weeks for the shipment to arrive and I was very happy when the mailman rang my doorbell. I could finally try out Ajnamat!

I decided to lie down on it. At first I wore a sweater because I didn’t know how the spikes would feel on my skin. I could feel some pressure, but it didn’t felt special yet as the sweater was too thick for the spikes to get through the tissue. I decided to take it off and to lie down only wearing a sports bra. The feeling is painful at first, because your skin is not used to this feeling of pressure. But after a while you get used to it and the feeling of relief comes through. You can really feel your back relieving with each breath you take. I started with 5 minutes to begin with, but now I can use it for much longer.

It’s best to use Ajnamat for at least 5 minutes to enjoy the benefits of it.

Back pain

When I am going through a stressy period and/ or feel tired, my lower back feels more painful than normally. This means that I need some back stretches to relief the pain, but also to lie down on my Ajnamat. I prefer to use it after my yoga practice and while watching Netflix.

After my Ajnamat session I feel a huge relief and tingly feeling in my back. That feeling makes me feel zen and happy.

Heavy legs

I sometimes have heavy legs and that feeling gets worse by evening. That’s why Ajnamat is perfect for me! I also use it while watching my favorite tv-shows. The feeling of pressure on my legs is heavenly!

Would I recommend Ajnamat?

YES! I totally recommend Ajnamat Organic Acupressure Mat since I can’t get enough of mine. I am talking positively about it to my fellow yogis, my students and my followers/ readers.

Ajnmat Organic Acupressure Mat

Need more information?

Check out their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Ajnmat Organic Acupressure Mat
Oh, I almost forgot this! This will be one of the only things that CAN’T be claimed by your pet!

Liefs, Debby

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