How to stay fit during Lockdown

stay fit during lockdown

How to stay fit during Lockdown? Most of us are sitting at home for the next weeks. The arrival of the Corona virus has a huge impact on our daily lives. The world is in chaos and most of us are temporary unemployed. Others are working from home, and then we have the heroes who’re working hard to provide us with our basic needs.

So, what do you do all day long? Especially when you’re used to going to the gym or sports center, but it had to close until at least April 5th..

Well, there are many ways to stay fit during Lockdown!

Today I would like to share some ideas with you. If you have some ideas or tips, feel free to share them in the comment section below ☺️.

1) Transform your living room, garage, room,.. into a mini-gym.

  • Do you already have a gym at home? Good, use it! Try out some new exercises or set new goals for yourself.
  • You can use dumbells, but water bottles work as well! 
  • Roll out a mat, put on your sports outfit and follow workout videos on YouTube. Here are three nice fitness account I discovered over the past 7 years.  
    • Blogilates – Pilates, but different. And it buuurns like crazy, which I love. (One of the main reasons I became a POP Pilates Instructor.) 
    • FitnessBlender – My favorites are the HIIT and Aerobics videos.
    • Move with Keaira LaShae – This woman makes you feel sexy and powerful in no time
  • Use a fitness app to guide you with workout videos. There are 7-minute apps, but you also have many other options. 

2) Go for a walk, run or ride a bike

Spring season is back and I love it! Time to go outside (whilst respecting the rules) for a nice walk. Or go for a run and enjoy the smell of fresh air.

If you have a bike, use it and enjoy the ride! Nature is blooming and it is beautiful. Let’s enjoy it while we can. 

stay fit during lockdown
Kitty steals the spotlight!

3) Yoga

  • Have you always wanted to try Yoga? Now is the time! There are many YouTube videos for beginners. Here are some of my favorite yogis on YouTube:
  • You can also download a Yoga app(Yoga met Evy) Here you can find some other Yoga apps.
  • And maybe you can join your first Yoga Challenge on Instagram. It is also nice way to connect with other yogis from across the world.
  • If you are a more intermediate or advanced yogi, then you already know how all of the above works 😛.

My favorite intermediate to advanced yoga poses

4) Work out together

  • If you have a yard, go play soccer or any other outside game with your kids.
  • Play with your beloved pets. They will love the extra attention, and maybe lose some weight (wink wink to my kitty)
  • Work out with your kids and/ or partner and keep each other motivated

5) FaceTime with your friends

A good way to stay motivated and still be able do your weekly workouts with a friend? Make an appointment for a FaceTime or Skype session and work-out together. It might not be the same as in real life, but it will definitely be fun!

6) Download TikTok 

TikTok is a new hype! And as we have plenty of time to spend, why not try out something new? TikTok is a fun way to connect with people and to show yourself in another way than f.e. on Instagram or Facebook. You can join dance- or fitness challenges, lipsync videos, weekly challenges, duet other users, create personages, and so on.. And trust me, the dances and fitness challenging are take more practice than you might expect 😂. Practicing them feels like a little, fun workout. 

Make sure to stay safe, my beloved readers. Take care of your families, stay in touch with your beloved ones, and don’t forget to share a smile with a stranger! We must stick together and try to stay healthy.

Debby ❤︎



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