Zen With Debby

I have something exciting to announce, because I finally launched Zen With Debby, my YouTube Channel for Yoga videos. Ahhhh!  I’ve been following Yoga YouTube videos for 5,5 years now and have been teaching my own classes since the end of 2015. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my own YouTube […]

How to say goodbye to a beloved one during Corona

How to say goodbye to a beloved one during Corona Virus-times if you are not even allowed to say “Goodbye dear grandpa.” for real? My beloved grandpa passed away a few weeks ago. Not because of the Corona Virus, thank goodness, but because his body decided to give up. My grandpa was 94 years old […]

How to stay fit during Lockdown

How to stay fit during Lockdown? Most of us are sitting at home for the next weeks. The arrival of the Corona virus has a huge impact on our daily lives. The world is in chaos and most of us are temporary unemployed. Others are working from home, and then we have the heroes who’re […]

Kneipp Goodbye Stress

De nieuwe Kneipp Goodbye Stress-collectie heeft als doel je stress om te zetten in een positieve energie. De hoofdbestanddelen van de producten zijn watermuntextract en rozemarijnolie. Een heerlijke en ontspannende combinatie als je het mij vraagt! Ik kreeg de kans om de nieuwe producten uit te testen en vandaag deel ik mijn review met jullie. […]

Review: Manduka yoga mat

Hi my yoga friends! Have you ever heard of Manduka? It’s a well known brand that sells quality yoga mats. Maybe you have seen them on Instagram, because that is where I found them. Also a few of my international yoga friends own a Manduka yoga mat and are very happy with it. Their opinion combined […]

GDUTCH – Review

Hi guys! Today I am sharing a review about a new Dutch company that sells activewear: GDUTCH. I was really excited when the founder, Gideon Luitwieler, reached out to me for a collaboration. Why? Well, because first of all, out of al fit Dutchies and -Belgians, he reached out to me. Second of all, I […]

Review: Kneipp Beauty Geheim

Kneipp Beauty Geheim is de nieuwe succesvolle lijn van Kneipp en laat ik je vertellen dat ik fan ben! Toen ik dit pakketje vorige week ontving, wist ik natuurlijk niet wat er gebeurde. Kneipp weet me altijd te verassen met leuke pakketten en ook deze Kneipp Beauty Geheim is er één van. De producten hebben […]

The reality behind Influencers

Hi guys! Today I am sharing with you the reality behind Influencers. I am an Influencer myself, but recently decided to take more distance from this world. Especially after learning about the reality behind influencers and the big numbers. I am shocked and sad at the same time and decided to share the truth with […]

Instagram made me feel bad about myself

Instagram made me feel bad about myself⎜Hi everyone. I hope you’re having a great Summer so far? Mine started very normal and in July I finally found a job! Everything went so fast and I still feel like I need some time to process everything. My new job is going pretty well and my colleagues […]

Dutch post – SieMatic Keuken Ontwerpers

De laatste tijd dromen Mr. Boyfriend en ik over het kopen van een huisje. We wonen al 6 jaar in hetzelfde appartement en vinden het best frustrerend dat er zo weinig plaats is. Wanneer ik aan een huisje denk, droom ik ook van een mooie keuken. Voor inspiratie kwam in terecht op de website van […]

Pranamat vs. AjnaMat

In the last few weeks I’ve been sharing two different reviews about Pranamat ECO and Ajnamat. They both offered me one of their heavenly Organic Acupressure/ Therapeutic Massage Mats and that’s why I decided to share a comparison of Pranamat vs. Ajnamat. Why would you invest in something like Pranamat ECO or Ajnamat? I’ve always […]

Review: Ajnamat Organic Accupressure Mat

Hi everyone! Today I am introducing you to Ajnamat Organic Accupressure Mat. Ever since I discovered acupressure mats on Instagram, I fell in love with them and dreamed of owning one. I never thought of buying it, because I had no idea if it was really for me.  During the organisation of my Summer Yoga […]